03 December 2017

being out at work is not that bad after all!

07 August 2017

Perth, the happiest place in the world.

At least in my world, my memories.

If only I'd never left....

26 May 2017


15 May 2017


14 May 2017

the more you make these petty statements/talks, the smaller of a person you are.

there's a saying the way you treats a waiter displays you as a person.

True Story

16 February 2017

Really fucking hate dramas!!

Seriously I would have love to have done it all differently!!

02 February 2017


06 January 2017

a peak to the past, trying to sneak to the future

looking back randomly at the posts I've published in the past is fascinating!

I actually don't know I was so into this!!

reading the posts filled me with mixed emotions:

- I didn't know I've written quite a standard English since way back.
- I didn't know I was very expressive of my true feelings & emotions through this medium.
- I didn't know I was thinking about future way before (still not came true).
- I didn't know I was quite into my family, while being abroad.
- I didn't know ever since meeting you, my posts have been mostly negatives.

I think I've slowly becoming more and more negative after leaving Perth.

I can't wait to go back and hopefully can be who I was in the past:
positive, energetic, passionate, cheerful.


Daddy Wing
will I be any good going back to Australia?
what am i doing with my career...............?